StrongFirst Combat

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StrongFirst Combat is a specialized 1-day course developed by Senior SFG Ronen Katz and SFG Team Leader Benny Mayer to bridge the (narrow) gap between StrongFirst and fighting-sports athletes. The purpose of this course is to teach people how to apply StrongFirst’s principles of strength to self-defense, martial arts and fight sports training.

Why attend?

The StrongFirst principles of strength have vast application. They can be used to improve performance in a variety of sports endeavors. This course will help you learn how to apply these principles, such as the relationship between tension and relaxation, to your martial arts or self-defense practice. If you are a coach or fitness instructor to combat sports athletes, it will help you convey these principles to your athletes and improve their striking power and longevity.


  • Improved striking power
  • Improved staying power
  • Principle-based system of skill and movement (not fad-based)
  • Smart, safe and sustainable strength and conditioning training to augment your martial arts practice
  • Smart, safe and sustainable strength and conditioning training to help your combat sports athletes
  • Prolonged fighting careers


  • Full day (8-hour) course designed for martial artists, self-defense practitioners and combat sports athletes or their coaches.
  • Basic martial arts and strength instruction/application
  • Barbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight movements that enhance striking power
  • Application of these methods to your sport practice
  • Taught by Senior SFG Ronen Katz and SFG Team Leader Benny Mayer
  • Manual included

Who is it for?

This new course is designed for fighting sports athletes. Whether you are a martial artist, student of self-defense or a fight sports athlete, this course is for you. This course will also benefit StrongFirst Instructors and fitness professionals who coach and work with these athletes. The course will refer to the StrongFirst principles, so prior experience within the StrongFirst system is helpful, but not mandatory.


November 5th at 5 Points Academy, New York City

When we looked for a facility to host this course, there was really only one option. SFG Team Leader Steve Milles has assembled a world-class team of trainers, fighters, and coaches. They all work together in the amazing facility known as 5 Points Academy.




How will this benefit me as a fighter/martial artist?
The gap between StrongFirst and martial arts or combat sports is narrow. Our principles of strength can greatly improve your striking power—safely, efficiently, and effectively. By improving your power (safely and efficiently), you naturally increase your staying power in the ring…or in a real fight. Plus, with smart and sustainable strength training, you’ll prolong your career as a fighter or as a martial artist.

How will this benefit my students?
If you train martial artists or fight-sports athletes, this course will benefit them greatly. Too many trainers spend too much time wearing out their fighters with endless high-rep sets in the interest of “staying power”. This leads to injury and shortened careers. It also leads to reduced striking power. Learn how to help those you coach prolong their fight careers and improve their striking power in the process!

Will getting strong make me slower?
No, getting stronger will not make you slower. One of our principles of strength is the yin/yang relationship between tension and relaxation. We will teach you techniques that will enhance your ability to generate tension, to relax that tension, and to be able to switch between them in the blink of an eye. The great athletes do this naturally.

Will I learn about fight conditioning?
No. This course is not about conditioning. This course is designed to help you learn and apply the principles of strength to your own practice or towards your coaching of others.

How fit do I need to be to attend?
This is a full day event that combines basic martial arts/fighting skills with strength instruction. Students should be prepared to learn and move a LOT. But you do not have to be in world-class “cardio shape”. We will be focusing on strength.

Do I need to be StrongFirst Certified to attend?
No. There are no prerequisites to attend. Being certified as a StrongFirst Instructor would be helpful as we will be referring to our principles throughout, but it is not necessary.

Do I need to be a martial artist to attend?
No. You do not need to train in martial arts or self-defense to attend this course. It will be helpful if you have some basic background in martial arts as we’ll be working through basic fighting techniques and applying StrongFirst methodologies to improve those techniques.