An article by Pavel titled “Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting and Other Russian Pastimes” appeared in the IronMind publication Milo in 1998. The production of kettlebells started and they were reintroduced to the US shortly after. This may seem like a strange place for a School of Strength to have its roots but that article back in 1998 began the journey of StrongFirst. Fast forward over 20 years and StrongFirst is the gold standard for kettlebell and strength education.

Pavel’s original books and publications laid a foundation for the development of StrongFirst’s curriculum in kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training. Instead of following the traditional multiple choice test route, the education has been practically based with physical standards and demonstrating proficiency in technique, coaching, and strength. The industry has never been the same. And never content with being the best, StrongFirst has constantly progressed by collaborating with top scientists, medical professionals, and coaches like Professors Stuart McGill, Tom Fahey, Gray Cook, and others.

Since 2001 Pavel has been educating individuals in strength training and promoting the ideal that strength has a greater purpose. The standards and requirements across the StrongFirst curriculum embody the idea that “when we say strength we mean StrongFirst.” Barbell and Bodyweight curriculums have brought the School of Strength to three branches joined by common principles and the mission to pursue, promote and practice strength.