StrongFirst, Inc. exists to help the StrongFirst Instructors and StrongFirst Leadership spread the StrongFirst System and grow the StrongFirst School around the world.

Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst Founder lecturing at a PlanStrong eventFounder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline: A former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, later a Subject Matter Expert to elite US military and law enforcement special operations units, Pavel introduced the Russian kettlebell to the West in 1998 and started the kettlebell revolution. ( more about Pavel Tsatsouline)

strongfirstChief Executive Officer, Eric Frohardt: A veteran US Navy SEAL and successful entrepreneur, Eric brought his mission planning and leadership skills to StrongFirst. He has been putting our training system to the test for over a decade, first in combat deployments and later in outdoor sports.

_DSC1778Chief Operating Officer, Craig Marker: A doctor of psychology, a university professor, an accomplished researcher, Craig is committed to helping people improve their lives—including through strength. Before joining the StrongFirst HQ, Craig had passed every one of our highly demanding instructor certifications.

Nikki Shlosser, SFG IIVice President of Marketing, Nikki Shlosser: The voice of StrongFirst, Nikki is also an SFG Team Leader who can put a 97-pound kettlebell overhead with one arm in an old-time lift called the « bent press”. She was too strong to work at a law firm…

shotspringOperations Coordinator, Amanda Kennedy: Amanda holds degrees in theater and exercise science. She enjoys lifting heavy things, cooking (and eating), and being part of the improv community. She keeps StrongFirst running behind the scenes.


Editor-in-Chief, Becca Borawksi Jenkins: She built Breaking Muscle into one of the largest fitness magazines. She came to us as she believes in our principles. She lives off the land as much as possible except when she is writing the next classic American novel.07-beccaborawskijenkins