SFG 1 Certification – Confirmation and payment

Congratulations, you’ve successfully signed up for our upcoming SFG 1 certification!

Please, be aware!

You can choose between two prices:

  • 1116€ is the Total Engagement Price. This price allows you to save 372€ while giving up on the possibility to get a refund. If you cannot participate at the event on the specified dates, you will be able to transfer your spot to another person or report your participation to our next cert.
  • 1488€ is the Standard Price. This price allows you to keep an option to get a refund if you are still not sure about your availability on the specified dates.

To pay now, choose your price and click on the blue button below. Please, be aware that your inscription will only be validated when our bank has recieved your payment.

SFG 1 Certification - Total Commitment Price
SFG 1 Certification - Standard Price

You will receive a confirmation message with your invoice and practical details in the next few days! Thank you!