This page lists the names of all men and women who have achieved the “Sinister” standard from Pavel’s Kettlebell Simple & Sinister program.

The book contains two performance goals:

The SIMPLE goal involves 100 one-hand swings and 10 get-ups—women use the 16kg kettlebell for get-ups and 24kg for swings, for men it is the 32kg for both. The 10×10 swings must be complete in 5 minutes, and the 10×1 get-up performed after 1 minute of rest after the swings, and completed within 10 minutes.

The SINISTER goal is the same as the above, but the bell size for women is 24kg for get-ups and 32kg for swings, for men the 48kg kettlebell for both.

The swings and get-ups must meet a performance standard (see pp. 36 and 48 of Kettlebell Simple & Sinister) to be counted, and video will be required to appear on this page along with proof of bell size. Please send videos to

Power to you!