Keep your certification current

You put in the time and effort to earn your StrongFirst Instructor status; don’t let it slip away!

In order to continue to have access to your Instructor Only site, with exclusive content created for and available to our Instructors, the Instructor apparel store, an Instructor listing on the website and access to special discounts with our partners, please click to view your recertification options below.

Unified Recertification

With the goal of having StrongFirst instructors continue their education within the School of Strength, we have unified the recertification process. Multiple modalities may be recertified at one time, for one price, on an event-by-event basis. Note that unified recertification may not be available at all events due to space and time constraints—check the registration page for the most up-to-date information and availability.

Standard Recertification
Skills to be tested are as currently designated on our Certification requirements pages. Unified Recertification options can be selected within each of the standard recertification links below.

Unified Recertification Options Skills Tested Under Unified Recertification
SFG I + SFB SFG I Skills, Snatch Test + OAPU/OAOLPU
SFG I + SFL SFG I Skills, Snatch Test + DL (strength test), barbell MP
SFB + SFL OAPU/OAOLPU + DL (strength test), barbell MP
SFG I + SFB + SFL SFG I Skills, Snatch Test + DL (strength test), barbell MP + OAPU/OAOLPU
SFG II + SFB SFG II Skills, KB MP strength test, Get-up, Snatch test + OAPU/OAOLPU.
SFG II + SFL SFG II Skills, Get-up, KB MP strength test, Snatch Test + DL (strength test), barbell MP.
StrongFirst Elite (New Status)
Swing, Get-up, Bent Press, Jerk, Snatch Test + DL (strength test) and barbell MP + OAPU/OAOLPU

One price for Unified Recertification

  • $299 for Video Recertification
  • $500 for attending in person (for full certification weekend or 1-day recert).

Recertification may be available at Special Events
On an event-by-event basis, recertification (if available) will be included at no additional cost when registering for a Special Event. Testing will be completed during the weekend. Must hold a current certification to be eligible. Registration spots are limited. Check the event registration page for the most up-to-date information and availability.

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