StrongFirst is a worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood of strength.

We are brought together by the conviction that strength has a greater purpose. Defend your country. Volunteer during a natural disaster. Win a championship. Have pride and become a lean and muscular version of yourself. Join us.

“Strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities,” stated Prof. Leonid Matveev. To reach high levels of power, endurance, sport skill, and fat loss you must become strong first. Period.

StrongFirst is a school of strength.

We teach men and women how to reach high levels of strength. Quickly, safely, and without interfering with their duty, job, or sport.

StrongFirst builds strength with several powerful tools—kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight—and one set of universal training principles. We reverse-engineered what the strongest do naturally—and bring this exclusive knowledge to you. Through select books and videos. Through Courses and Instructor Certifications on five continents.

StrongFirst has set the industry high bar. Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder, started the kettlebell revolution in 1998. Our Instructors are national champions, coaches of champions, special operators, elite martial artists, national team doctors, and other high-end strength professionals.

StrongFirst sees eye to eye with Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky: “Theory without practice is as limited as practice without theory.” Our methods are scientifically and empirically based and have a proven record with professional athletes, elite military and law enforcement operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to be weak no more.

Power to you!