ZA Kettlebell Challenge – Special Edition – Instructors Only – Schedule

General Spirit

We want our Special Edition of ZA Kettlebell Challenge to be an occasion for SFG instructors to hone their mastery of the six main SFG 1 skills.

Due to the particular conditions of this online edition, we won’t be offering prices to the winners. You will fight for the glory! But we would especially like that all participants use our Challenge to carefully test their “technical max” in the SFG 1 curriculum exercises. You will do it for you, so cheating on your bodyweight, your bells’ weights, or on the camera angle to hide the eventual no-count has no sens. We will trust you completely and will give you your total of points depending on the numbers you’ll provide us with.

Another important aspect of this event is the unique occasion it represents for all our instructors to sharpen their coach’s eye. Everyone, not only the judges, will have the possibility to observe their friends and colleagues from around the world do the same movements and note the differences due to their morpholgies, loads, and level of skill). This is a very rare occasion to quickly enrich one’s SFG standards’ “image bank”. So, don’t miss it! But also, play ball and participate as an athlete to enrich the “image bank” of your fellow instructors.

General Schedule, online edition

We’re organising our 2020 edition online. It will take place live, on Zoom, June 14th, 2020 at 3:00pm CET (Central European Time, Paris Time Zone). We will provide you with the connection codes when you sign up.

To be efficient, we will need to go fast. For this reason, we limit the number of competing athletes to 40. They will execute their attempts by groups of four. Each group will have three minutes to run one attempt, debrief, and communicate the result.

There will be two possible cases.

Some participants will be able to get together in a gym or outdoors. If that is you and there are at least four of you, you’ll be able to judge the attempts by yourself, on-site. (For a better feedback quality, we would like to have at least three judges per athlete).

If there are only three or two of you, or if you’re alone in your courage corner, we will complete your judges team with fellow SFGs online. To make online judging more effective on Zoom, before each attempt, everyone except the athletes will switch their video off. That way, the judges (and everyone else) will see the athletes big on thier screen.

During an attempt, each judge will count repetitions of his/her athlete as well as eventual no-counts and their reasons. After the attempt, when called by the coordinator, the judges will announce their results. One of the three judges will be the head judge. He/she will have the responsibility to stop the attempt in case the athlete breaks the rules.

Equipment necessary for the challenge online

Please, find below the equipment necessary to successfully run this online edition, whether you’re in your gym or in your personal courage corner:

Equipment necessary to judge the event:

  1. The events’ description and rules you will find on this site (printed version, if possible).
  2. Same for RedStarKettlebell benchmarks (if we have time to run a few after the Challenge).
  3. Your SFG 1 Manual to check the standards, when in doubt.
  4. A notepad and two-three pens to note reps, no-counts, and their reasons.
  5. A large tablet or laptop to better see the athletes. Since the screen will be split in four, ideally you would link your device to a TV screen with a HDMI cable.

Equipment necessary to participate at the event:

  1. A bathroom scale (your bodyweight is necessary to calculate your total of points).
  2. Your courage corner or a dedicated space in your gym, totally prepared for this online edition. This means security (especially, if you don’t usually train at home), but also lighting to make your judges’ job as easy as possible. Avoid to position your camera in front of a window or a lamp and make sure lamps are neither too dim nor too bright. Also, think about the background and your clothes. Black on black will make it impossible for your fellow instructors to see the errors and help you.
  3. A device (smartphone, iPad, laptop…) with a good camera (high resolution and sufficient bandwidth to provide the judges with a fluid image). Please, check your connection prior to the event. Ideally, run a test with a few friends. The Zoom basic option is free, use it!
  4. Finally, Kettlebells necessary for different events, chalk, a towel, a first response kit, and anything else that you might need.

If you do the Challenge on your own, in your personal courage corner (especially, an improvised courage corner), please, do not forget that your security is entirely under your reponsibility. For the Challenge, you are going to use weights at the limits of your technical possibilities (your TRM). So, please, double the security measures you use during your regular training. Specifically, make sure that during the attempts, no family member or domestic animal could get within your reach or between you and the camera.

Certification SFG 1 - France, 2020



14:45 – Virtual waiting room opens (you can connect)

15:00 – General briefing

15:10 – Double Swing

15:40 – Get-up

16:10 – Double Clean

16:40 – Press

17:10 – Double Front Squat

17:40 – Snatch

18:10 – (Optional) RedStarKettlebell benchmarks

18:50 – Announcing winners

19:00 – (Optional) Technical debriefs & virtual drinks

This schedule might be modified depending on the participants’ number.

To sign up CLICK HERE.